Terms and Conditions

Rental Terms

Terms and conditions

Included in the Rental Price

Insurance, Covers and Waivers

Damage Cover-Comfort Package (Always Included).

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

If the car’s bodywork gets damaged, the most you’ll pay towards repairs covered by the Collision Damage Waiver is the damage excess. This cover is only valid if you stick to the terms of the rental agreement. It doesn’t cover other parts of the car (e.g. glass, wheels, interior, roof, or undercarriage), or charges (e.g. for towing or off-road time), or anything in the car (e.g. child seats, GPS devices or personal belongings).

Third-Party Liability (TPL)

This covers the driver’s liability for injuries and property damage which are covered by the policy. It does not cover injuries to the driver or damage to the rental car. This cover is only valid if you stick to the terms of the rental agreement.

Theft Cover

Theft Protection (TP)

If the car is stolen, the most you’ll pay towards replacement costs covered by the policy is the theft excess. This cover is only valid if you stick to the terms of the rental agreement.

Included at no extra cost

No Extra Cost

  • Cleaning Charge
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Road Fee / Road Licensing Fee
  • Service Charge
  • Taxes and Surcharges
  • Vehicle Licensing Fee
  • Vehicle Registration Fee

Mileage / Kilometers

Unlimited KM

  • Unlimited kilometers

Not Included in the Rental Price

Mandatory Local Charges

Valeting Fee

Valeting Fee - Whatever your rental agreement, you will be required to pay a cleaning cost if the vehicle requires more than the usual standard cleaning on its return to restore it to its pre-rental condition, allowing for fair wear and tear.

A Valeting Fee of EUR 15 up to a maximum of EUR 80.

Driving Charges

Fines, Tolls and Charges

Customers are responsible for all toll fees, congestion charges, speeding tickets, parking fines & traffic fines - and all associated administration costs.

Out-of-working hours charge

The office is open daily from 08:00 to 22:00

Pick up or delivery out of working hours costs 30 euro extra. If your reservation is done through our website reservation platform the cost is automatically added to the summary.

What you need at pick-up

Acceptable forms of payment

We accept payments with credit, debit, and prepaid cards of Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Discover

You are required to have either a Credit Card or a Debit Card for this booking.

The main driver must have either a Credit Card or a Debit Card in their name when picking up the car. The Card must have enough available funds to cover the excess/deposit amount. If the customer is using a debit card, the amount will be taken; if using a credit card, the amount will merely be ‘blocked’. Either way, the deposit will be returned after the rental, as long as all conditions have been met. The Card will also be required to pay for local fees, extra equipment and anything purchased additionally at the car hire counter.

Cash is not accepted as an excess/deposit cover.

Accepted Credit Cards

  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Accepted Debit Cards

  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Please Note: Please call us if your card is not mentioned above.

 Payment Methods

Payment of the rental can by using a credit card, debit card, cash, or bank transfer. Any card used for payment must be under the name of the renter and driver of the vehicle as mentioned in the rental agreement.

 NAME:            Car4You shpk

ProCredit Bank Kosovo J.S.C:                1110342865000116


License Requirements

Driving Licence

When picking the car up, the main driver and any additional drivers will need to provide a full driving license in their name.

All drivers must have held their driving license for at least 12 months.

We aim to tell our customers everything they need to know to pick their car up. However, each driver is responsible for making sure they are allowed to drive the hire car in their selected country/countries – and for providing counter staff with the documentation that proves this.

Customers should email the details of any endorsements/penalties on their driving license, as they might be refused the car at the counter. If you need to email us, our email address can be found using the Contact Us link on the website.

International Driving Permit

  • An International Driving Permit is required.

International Driving Permit

If the driver's license is in a language other than English, an International Driver’s Permit is required, along with the renter’s country of residence driving license.

Forms of Identification


  • A Passport is required.

Identity Cards

  • EU citizens must produce their driver's license and either passport or identity card to pick up the car. All documents must have been issued at least 6 months before pick-up.

Rental Voucher / eVoucher

Voucher / eVoucher

When you pick your car up, the counter staff will need to see your voucher, which you receive when the booking is confirmed.

Your voucher proves that the car is booked in the main driver’s name.

Age Requirements

Age Limits

The minimum age limit for this car is 21.

The maximum age limit for this car is 75.

Drivers, aged 71 to 75 will need to pay an extra fee of 6 euro/day up to a maximum of 70 euro per rental.

MALI car rental age-related charges and restrictions will apply to all additional drivers.

Arrival Details

If you wish to make a last-minute reservation or a reservation for less than 2 days rental lease contact us.

Flight Details

Flight Details – If you are arriving by plane. You can tell us your flight number when you book your car. To add it to a booking you've already made, click ‘View or Modify’ at the  “ make a reservation”  field on our website. Please make sure you enter your flight number and not any other number the airline may have sent you, such as a confirmation number. We cannot be held responsible if a problem with your flight stops you from picking up your car.

Deposits, Excess and Cover

Deposit / Excess

Deposit / Excess Amounts

When you pick your car up a security deposit up to the excess amount will be required. The deposit will be returned after the rental, as long as all conditions have been met.

The car has a damage deposit up to the excess amount.

The car has a theft deposit up to the excess amount.

Due to fluctuating foreign exchange rates and other possible banking charges, MALI Car Rental cannot be held responsible for any difference between the amount paid and the amount refunded.

Once the rental is completed, customers need to return to the rental office to ask for a refund of the deposit. The deposit has to be re-paid against the same payment card originally used. In case a credit card is used the deposit amount will automatically be released within about 15 working days.

Excess per car Group/Model

             Group                                        Excess   amount

  • Mini                                                    650 euro
  • Economy                                           750 euro
  • Compact                                            800 euro
  • Intermediate                                      1000 euro
  • SUV                                                   1200 euro

MALI car rental   Cover Packages


If you purchase the Medium package your excess liability will be reduced 50% and a deposit from the card is no longer required.



If you purchase the Premium Package before you pick the car up, you waive your liability for:

  • charges for damage to the rental car’s exterior or mechanical components, including:
    • bodywork, roof, undercarriage
    • windscreen, windows, mirrors
    • wheels, tires, hubcaps
    • engine, clutch, battery
    • locks
  • ‘immobilization’ charges (for loss of revenue while the car is being repaired and cannot be rented out)
  • roadside assistance charges resulting from a breakdown or accident
  • car hire company administration fees related to any of these points

 The premium package will not waive liability in respect of:

  • Repairs or other services not approved by the car hire company.
  • Cleaning charges or damage to the car’s interior (unless caused by a collision).
  • Damage to / loss of child seats, GPS devices, or other ‘extra equipment’.
  • Damage is caused as a result of fire, acts of God, and terrorist attacks.

All drivers must abide by the terms of the rental agreement: our Super Premium package will not refund any cost incurred under circumstances that violate those terms, such as dangerous, careless, or negligent driving, refueling errors, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and damages caused as a result of fire, acts of God and terrorist attacks.

No insurance or cover 'package' will cover customers who do not comply with the 'Road Traffic' and 'Highway' law and codes, additionally, no insurance will cover customers who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or found using their mobile phone at the time of an accident. Customer in such cases will be liable for damages up to the full amount needed for repairment of the rented vehicle. A police report is mandatory for all accidents, in the event a police report is not obtained the driver is solely responsible for damage incurred to the vehicle of MALI car rental.

Administration Charges

Administration Charge

Damage to the car will be charged for after it is dropped off - and will incur a Damage Administration fee of 50 euro on top of the amount deducted from the excess.

An Immobilization Charge is payable in the event of an accident. This is in addition to the amount deducted from the excess and is compulsory. This charge is calculated against the car group and the number of repair days.

Fuel Policy Options

Fuel Policies

Refueling charge:

If you return your car with less fuel than it had when you picked it up, MALI car rental will keep some or all of your deposit to cover the missing fuel. This will cost you more than you would pay to refill the tank yourself. As well as the cost of the fuel itself, you will pay a non-refundable fuel service charge of between EUR 15 including Tax.

Extra Services (Payable at Counter)

Cross-Border and Boundary rules

Boundary Rules

Please note cross-border travel out of Kosovo is not allowed without permission from MALI car rental. Extra charges may occur.

Taxes & Fees

Any additional services will be subject to any applicable sales taxes and location fees.

Extra Equipment (Payable at Counter)

Extra Equipment Conditions

Equipment Rules

A replacement fee of EUR 200 will be charged if the equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Additional Drivers

Other Drivers

The maximum number of drivers per contract is 2.

Important Information

Booking Agreement

To make sure you understand the rules and laws about driving hire cars at home and abroad, you must read the Terms & Conditions in full before you leave to pick your car up.

In particular, please make sure you know what documents and other paperwork you must take with you (e.g. driver's license, forms of identification, and payment cards) and what you’ll need to pay for at the car hire counter. If you don’t have everything you need, MALI car rental may not let you pick the car up.

By making this booking, you are confirming that you have read and accept our Terms & Conditions.

When you pick your car up, MALI car rental will need you to sign a rental agreement. Please make sure you read it carefully – and if anything is not clear, discuss it with our staff before you sign.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your rental, you must discuss this at the time with the car hire company. If you are not satisfied with their response, please visit our Contact us’  page and tell us about it.

If you face any problem with the rental car or you need any help please call us at:

Calling Center: +383 45 101 102 ;+383 49 470 900  Support Center: +383 43 750 700

Information Regarding Exchange Rates and Fees
please note that we cannot be held responsible for any fluctuations in exchange rates or any fee your bank or credit card issuer may charge. So the amount that appears on your credit card statement may differ from the amount you saw when you made your booking. Equally, should we credit your account with any money, we will refund the exact amount initially charged.

Car Hire Company Important Information

Company Rules

In case of an accident or any other incident, the driver and renter must follow the steps below:

  1. Call at MALI car rental Customer Support Center at +383 43 750 700
  2.  Call the police at 192
  3. Do not accept any responsibility for the accident until the police officers present an official document regarding your accident. A police accident report will be requested from MALI car rental.
  4. Take photos of the accident and keep notes of names and numbers on the license plates of the other vehicles.
  5. Within 24 hours you must complete an incident report that will be sent to you and then forward it to


In the event of a breakdown or mechanical difficulties, you must call the Customer Support Center immediately.

If the renter and customer of MALI car rental are not responsible for the breakdown or accident a replacement car or a repairment will be done within 24 hours.

Lost Keys - If you lose your key(s), you will be charged the cost of replacement.

Seatbelt - Whatever country you’re driving in, drivers and passengers must wear seatbelts if fitted, wherever they’re sitting in the car.

Please be aware that all cars have a non-smoking policy. Fines will apply if this policy is not adhered to.

Price Calculation - Prices are based on the pick-up and drop-off times and dates that you agree on before your rental starts. If you pick the car up any later or bring it back any earlier, you will not receive a refund for unused time.

At pick-up, the customer may choose to take a different car, rather than the one reserved for them.
If they do, they may be charged an additional premium, even if the new car is smaller than their original choice.

If the customer wishes to change the pick-up or drop off an extra charge may occur.

Customers will incur a late penalty fee of 25 EUR per day including tax plus a daily rental rate if the car is returned late. Customers also need to be aware that the vehicle's insurance will no longer be valid and the customer will be responsible for any damages. The authorities will also be aware that the vehicle is not legally rented.

There will be a 59-minute grace period for the return of all vehicles. If the car is returned after this time the insurance will no longer be valid and the customer will have to pay the late penalty fee + the daily rate.

Customers are allowed to carry one pet in a specially designed pet transportation box and take full responsibility for any dirtiness or possible damages.

Cancellations, No Shows & Amendments

Cancellations & No-shows

Cancellation of Fully Prepaid Bookings

  • If you cancel 48 hours or more before your rental is due to start, the money you’ve paid will be refunded.
  • If you cancel in the 48 hours before pick-up, the money you’ve paid will be refunded, minus the cost of a 3 days rental:
    • if you had booked the car for less than 3days, there won’t be any additional charge, but you won’t receive any refund.
  • If you fail to turn up at the agreed time and date, and/or to provide all the necessary documentation, and/or to provide a credit card with enough available funds on it, MALI car rental may refuse you the car.

A ‘No-show’ is when you:

  • wish to cancel but don’t tell us before your rental is due to start, or
  • fail to pick the car up at the arranged time and date, or
  • fail to provide the documentation that’s required to pick the car up, or
  • fail to provide a credit card in the main driver’s name with enough available funds on it.

In all of these cases, you’ll receive no refund of the money you’ve paid.

MALI Car Rental reserves the right to refuse the car to any customer who fails to arrive on time with all necessary documentation and a credit card with enough available funds for the car’s deposit. In such a case, unless the rental has been canceled in advance, the customer will not be entitled to a refund.


Amendments (changes to your booking)
You can make changes to your booking any time before you’re due to pick the car up.
If your pick-up time is at least 48 hours away, the easiest way to do this is to go to View or Modify reservation’ in the reservation platform of our website.
If you need to change something when your pick-up time is less than 48 hours away, please call us instead.
We don’t charge any fees for changing your booking, but:

  • any changes you make may affect the rental price

Please note: With some changes, we’ll need to cancel your booking and make a new one. The price is based on the pick-up and drop-off times that you arrange before your rental starts. If you pick the car up any later or bring it back any earlier, you will not receive a refund for unused hours or days.

If a customer needs to extend their rental or make any amendments after they have collected the car they must call the calling center of MALI car rental. For changes on the cover package or second driver addition, the car must return to the original rental location to resign the rental agreement.

For changing pick up or drop off place please let us know at least 12 hours before.

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